The Brill 3D Culinary Studio provides everything you need to create and serve amazing, edible 3D-printed objects on day one.


Our stainless steel commercial grade 3D printer comes complete with a full color touchscreen interface. It offers one of the fastest technologies available, enabling you to produce intricate, custom and delicious items right from your own kitchen. It is so easy to use because the printer does all of the work, while offsetting skilled labor and freeing you up to work on other things.

Dimensions: 46”H x 45”W x 31”D

Electrical Requirements: Standard Type B Outlet


Our proprietary software, included with your printer, is super intuitive allowing you to download and modify 3D designs right on your computer. With just a few mouse clicks, you can begin printing hundreds of edible 3D objects.


We also offer a finishing station, which is used to quickly and easily eliminate excess powder from printed pieces with the attached airbrush.

Dimensions: 62”H x 32”W x 25”D

Electrical Requirements: Standard Type B Outlet

Edible Ingredients

The 3D Culinary Printer uses two proprietary ingredients— powdered sugar and liquid binders—specially engineered for the Brill 3D Culinary Studio.

Our powdered sugar comes in multiple flavors, as well as an unflavored option. The printer combines the powder with the four-colored liquid binders to deliver amazing 3D-printed, edible objects in full color.



Installation & Training

White glove unboxing and installation, as well as training, are part of our service. You’ll also have access to training manuals and customer service representatives, who will offer assistance and answer questions.